Busy week for Marvin Dienst
23. August 2019 Back to overview »

These past two weekends Marvin Dienst was not bored. The 22-year-old race driver from Lampertheim started at the races of the ADAC GT Masters in the Dutch Zandvoort and on the Nürburgring. At the same time, the ADAC GT4 Germany took place in the Eifel and he took the pole position at his premiere.

After a long summer break Marvin Dienst and his team Schütz Motorsport had a lot to catch up on. Directly located at the North Sea, the ADAC GT Masters herald the seasons half time in Zandvoort. The racetrack in the Netherlands offered a perfect setting even though the weather did not play along this time. A change between sun and rain made for difficult conditions.

Unfortunately, the race results did not meet the expectations. After a good qualifying by Marvin on Saturday and starting position eleven, he became the victim of a collision and spun out. In the beginning the driver from Lampertheim was able to continue to drive but in the end, he had to drop out. In the race on Sunday he only made in onto rank 24. “Us drivers but also the team had a difficult time in Zandvoort. In the end we all learned something new and developed in the highly competitive field. We will take this newly gained knowledge to the Nürburgring now”, Marvin analyzed in the end.

In the Eifel the weather conditions were not any better, unlike the mood of the team. The Mercedes-AMG GT3 did a great job and in qualifying a seat in the top rankings would have been possible for Marvin. “Unfortunately, a red flag came in between and I had to abort my attack to get into pole-position”, the driver from Lampertheim explained. He went into the race ranked eight but a problem with the differential of the Mercedes made the team worry, in the end rank 15 and points for the junior evaluation jumped out. In the second run Marvin’s team colleague drove ahead in starting position 29 from which he improved until they saw the checkered flag fall in position 15. With that they got new points and the duo is placed on rank three in the junior championship.

Additionally to his start in the league of the super sports vehicles Marvin had a double commitment in front of 18.000 spectators and also started at the ADAC GT4 Germany. For the 22-year-old this was the premiere in the class. He quickly found his rhythm and made for a surprise being ranked in pole position in Sundays’ race. In the end he made it, together with the frequent driver Marcus Suabo, to place one and two in the trophy ranking. The so far best result of the season for Schütz Motorsport in the premiere season of the ADAC GT 4 Germany. “All in all, it was fun and I am happy that Marcus and I were able to achieve good results together”, Marvin comments in the evening.

Marvin will now continue in the middle of September (13.-15.09.) on the Hockenheimring, two weeks later the final will be waiting for him on the Sachsenring.